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In 1969 Skip and Jeanne Jackson purchased the original farm on route 96 in Candor. Skip and Jeanne both grew up in Tioga County NY. Being raised on farms themselves and wanting to do the same with their kids they decided to start farming. At this time Brian was 2. Bonnie was born in 1970 and Jennifer in 1973.

When the farm was purchased in 1969 the previous owner left behind a huge kettle out behind the barn. With that in mind they decided to name their roadside market "Iron Kettle Farm".The farms on each side of the property were also purchased to add more tilable ground. Over the years appoximately acquired and used as planters around the farm.

Our First market was an abandoned corncrib with a lean-to off the front and sides. The first crops where strawberries, sweet corn, summer veggies, tomatoes and fall produce, including pumpkins. The First pumpkin display was the fall of 1969, it only had 10 to 12 characters.

In 1973 the first permanent market was built. In 1979 the house was moved to make room for the expanding business. The business continued to grow very fast and many additions were built onto the original building. The 1980's began the greenhouse segment of the business. Iron Kettle farm began growing and selling vegetable plants, flowers, hanging baskets and perennials.
First Market, 1969
Market, 2014
Iron Kettle Farm
Est. 1969
707 Owego Rd
13743 Candor
New York
Phone | (607) 659-7707
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